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Camouflage and concealment workshop

Come and learn the basics of camouflage and concealment at our one-day workshop.  This workshop will teach you about why things are seen, the "6 S's" - Shape, Shadow, Surface, Silhouette, Spacing and Shifting (Movement), constructing a hide for short term use and for longer term use (semi permanent), personal equipment considerations and more.  

The aims of this one day workshop are to give you an idea of how to minimize your presence while photographing wildlife which will assist in getting better shots of your subject since most wildlife will behave differently in the known presence of human beings compared with behavior displayed when the subject animal or bird is unaware of a human's presence.

These workshops will primarily be offered in the Metro Detroit region of Michigan, most likely in the Kensington Metropark or other Metroparks in the area but will also be offered in other locations later on.

The cost of attending this workshop will be $75.00USD. Spaces are limited to 10 participants at a time but multiple workshops will be held so if you miss out, there will be another workshop soon after.

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